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One Hour/ One Painting October 2021

Author and critic Peter Clothier invites participants to spend a full hour in front of a single artwork.

Art & Nature Keynote Address 2021

John James Audubon: Art, Nature and Science in the Nineteenth Century.

A lecture by Art & Nature Keynote Speaker Daniel Lewis.

John James Audubon and his beautiful bird illustrations continue to fascinate and resonate with a wide public interested in the natural world, art, and science. Curator and historian Dan Lewis will discuss the role of Audubon in art and science, tracing the history of American ornithological illustration from its earliest days up to Audubon’s work, including material about his predecessors and successors in the bird illustration world, and including a discussion of the tensions inherent in our current understandings of the racially troubling corners of Audubon’s legacy.